Node.appendChild( ): insert a node as the last child of this node — DOM Level 1 Core


Node appendChild(NodenewChild)
    throws DOMException;



The node to be inserted into the document. If the node is a DocumentFragment, it is not directly inserted, but each of its children are.


The node that was added.


This method may throw a DOMException with one of the following code values in the following circumstances:


The node does not allow children, it does not allow children of the specified type, or newChild is an ancestor of this node (or is this node itself).


The ownerDocument property of newChild is not the same as the ownerDocument property of this node.


This node is read-only and does not allow children to be appended, or the node being appended is already part of the document tree, and its parent is read-only and does not allow children to be removed.


This method adds the node newChild to the document, inserting it as the last child of this node. If newChild is already in the document tree, it is removed from the tree and then reinserted at its new location. If newChild is a DocumentFragment node, it is not inserted itself; instead, all its children are appended, in order, to the end of this node’s childNodes[] array. Note that a node from (or created by) one document cannot be inserted into a different document. That is, the ownerDocument property of newChild must be ...

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