Range.insertNode( ): insert a node at the start of a range — DOM Level 2 Range


void insertNode(NodenewNode)
    throws RangeException,



The node to be inserted into the document.


This method throws a RangeException with a code of INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR if newNode is an Attr, Document, Entity, or Notation node.

This method also throws a DOMException with one of the following code values under the following conditions:


The node that contains the start of the range does not allow children, it does not allow children of the specified type, or newNode is an ancestor of that node.


The node that contains the start of the range or any of its ancestors is read-only.


newNode is part of a different document than the range is.


This method inserts the specified node (and all its descendants) into the document at the start position of this range. When this method returns, this range includes the newly inserted node. If newNode is already part of the document, it is removed from its current position and then reinserted at the start of the range. If newNode is a DocumentFragment node, it is not inserted itself, but all of its children are inserted, in order, at the start of the range.

If the node that contains the start of the range is a Text node, it is split into two adjacent nodes before the insertion takes place. If newNode is a Text node, it is not merged with any adjacent ...

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