Window: a web browser window or frame — JavaScript 1.0: Object → Global → Window




The Window object defines the following properties and also inherits all the global properties of core JavaScript (see Global in Part III):


A read-only boolean value that specifies whether the window has been closed. When a browser window closes, the Window object that represents it does not simply disappear; it continues to exist, but its closed property is set to true.


A read/write string that specifies the default message that appears in the status line. See Window.defaultStatus.


A read-only reference to the Document object that describes the document contained in this window or frame (see Document for details).

event [IE only]

In Internet Explorer, this property refers to the Event object that describes the most recent event. This property is used in the IE event model. In the standard DOM event model, the Event object is passed as an argument to event-handler functions. See Event and Chapter 17 for further details.


An array of Window objects, one for each frame or <iframe> contained within this window. The frames.length property contains the number of elements in the frames[] array. Note that frames referenced by the frames[] array may themselves contain frames and may have a frames[] array of their own.


A read-only reference to the History object of this window or frame. See History for details.

innerHeight, ...

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