LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

Book description

A step-by-step guide for succeeding on the for "business" social media network

LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day helps you create, customize, and optimize a presence on LinkedIn, the world's largest social network for professionals. In this detailed, step-by-step book, LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen reveals how to use this powerful platform to ensure that you or your company get noticed by the right audience. Discover previously undocumented tips and tricks for community growth and management, including how to best use Groups, events, and other LinkedIn features and applications.

  • Offers a complete resource for anyone who wants to market and recruit on the world's largest professional network

  • Features hands-on tutorials, case studies, examples, tips, and tactics

  • Reveals how to monitor and maintain a vibrant LinkedIn presence

  • Includes effective tactics for recruiters, job seekers, and entrepreneurs, as well as legal, real estate, and nonprofit professionals

  • Incorporates an exploration of the LinkedIn advertising platform, API, and mobile platform

This soup-to-nuts guidebook for tackling every stage of the LinkedIn process ensures your online presence will get noticed.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Get LinkedIn
    1. Social Marketing Is Marketing
    2. Understanding LinkedIn
    3. Using LinkedIn
    4. The Future of LinkedIn
  8. Chapter 2: Weeks 1–2: Get Started on LinkedIn
    1. Week 1: Prepare Your LinkedIn Presence
    2. Week 2: Define Goals and Join LinkedIn
  9. Chapter 3: Weeks 3–6: Ready, Set, Profile
    1. Week 3: Nifty Tools and Ninja Tricks for Creating Your Keyword List
    2. Week 4: Optimize Your Profile and Be Findable
    3. Week 5: Customize Your Profile to Stand Out in the Crowd
    4. Week 6: Utilizing Extra Real Estate
  10. Chapter 4: Weeks 7–9: Use Your Company Profile for Branding and Positioning
    1. Week 7: Creating a Company Profile
    2. Week 8: Adding Products and Services
    3. Week 9: Company Updates, Analytics, and Job Postings—Yours and Others
  11. Chapter 5: Weeks 10–15: Creating and Managing a Network That Works
    1. Week 10: Using LinkedIn’s Add Connections Tool
    2. Week 11: Connecting to Strategic Contacts
    3. Week 12: Using LinkedIn’s People You May Know Feature
    4. Week 13: Managing Your Network
    5. Week 14: Monitoring Your Network
    6. Week 15: Giving and Getting Recommendations from Your Network
  12. Chapter 6: Weeks 16–18: Getting Strategic with Groups
    1. Week 16: Building Your Network with Strategic Groups
    2. Week 17: Creating Relationships with Groups
    3. Week 18: Creating Your Own Group
  13. Chapter 7: Weeks 19–22: Get Strategic with LinkedIn’s “Other” Options
    1. Week 19: Using LinkedIn Answers
    2. Week 20: Using LinkedIn Events
    3. Week 21: Sharing with Applications
    4. Week 22: Exploring Industry-Based and LinkedIn Apps
  14. Chapter 8: Week 23: Putting It All Together
    1. Monday: Use Updates for Inbound Marketing
    2. Tuesday: Use LinkedIn Signal
    3. Wednesday: Create a Powerful Inbound Marketing Connections Strategy
    4. Thursday: Showcase Your Skills in Answers
    5. Friday: Understand 3 and 3
  15. Chapter 9: Optimizing Your Time Using LinkedIn
    1. Getting Started on Your Checklist
    2. Monthly, Daily, and Weekly Checklists
    3. Checklists for Each Day of the Week
  16. Chapter 10: LinkedIn Ads, Labs, Apps, and Tools
    1. LinkedIn Ads
    2. LinkedIn Labs
    3. LinkedIn Mobile
    4. LinkedIn Tools
    5. LinkedIn Third-Party Applications
  17. Chapter 11: LinkedIn and You: Getting Specific
    1. LinkedIn and Job Seekers
    2. LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs
    3. Recruiters, HR Personnel, and Hiring Managers
    4. Legal Professionals
    5. Women on LinkedIn
    6. Real Estate Professionals
    7. Nonprofits and LinkedIn
    8. Some Final Tips on LinkedIn for Marketing
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day
  • Author(s): Viveka von Rosen
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781118358702