Chapter 5

LiFePO4-Based Positive Electrode Materials

Yuyang Hou, Faxing Wang, Shiyong Zhao, Yuping Wu, and Teunis van Ree

5.1 Characteristics of LiFePO4

Lithium ferrous(II) phosphate (LiFePO4) is a positive electrode material for lithium-ion batteries, which, so far, has been mainly used in power lithium-ion batteries [1]. It is commonly called lithium iron(II) phosphate and is also used in fertilizers. In 1996, the Japanese NTT Corporation disclosed for the first time an olivine structured compound, AyMPO4 (A is an alkali metal and M a combination of Co and Fe) as a positive electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. In 1997, Prof. John B. Goodenough and his group at the University of Texas at Austin, United States, reported the characteristics ...

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