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Measuring the Success of Leadership Development

Book Description

Evaluate leadership development programs all the way to impact and ROI. Globally, a record amount is being invested in leadership development, more than at any other time in history. And that translates into additional accountability for anyone spearheading a new program. Measuring the Success of Leadership Development offers a proven methodology that will help you step up to the challenge. You’ll learn how to begin the leadership development process with the end in mind and show return on investment to key stakeholders. Renowned ROI experts Jack and Patti Phillips have joined knowledge organization expert Rebecca Ray to support you every step of the way. This essential guide outlines each step of the proven ROI Methodology and explains how to apply it to driving leadership development program performance and evaluating results. Case studies show the methodology in action across seven successful leadership development programs. If you’re leading the charge, it’s crucial that you create and track metrics for your program’s success. In this book you will learn: how to begin the leadership development process with the end in mind what data to collect to show return on investment to key stakeholders best practices in measurement and evaluation strategies.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Part I: The ROI Methodology: A Credible Approach to Evaluating Your Leadership Development Programs
    1. Chapter 1 Leadership Development Is as Important as Leadership Itself
      1. The Top Executive View
      2. Status of Leadership Development
      3. Measuring the Results
      4. Final Thoughts
    2. Chapter 2 System for Accountability
      1. High-Performing Culture and Measurement
      2. How and Why Leadership Development Fits With ROI
      3. Types of Data for the ROI Methodology
      4. Selecting Programs for ROI Analysis
      5. ROI Process Model
      6. Final Thoughts
    3. Chapter 3 Alignment of Programs and Evaluation Planning
      1. Achieving the Proper Alignment
      2. Evaluation Planning
      3. Case Study
      4. Final Thoughts
    4. Chapter 4 Data Collection at Five Levels
      1. Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry
      2. Questionnaires and Surveys
      3. Testing
      4. Interviews
      5. Focus Groups
      6. Observations
      7. Action Plans and Performance Agreements
      8. Monitoring Performance
      9. Improving the Response Rate for Data Collection
      10. Sources of Data
      11. Timing for Data Collection
      12. Final Thoughts
    5. Chapter 5 Data Analysis That Is Practical and Credible
      1. Isolating the Effects
      2. Converting Data to Monetary Units
      3. Costs of the Program
      4. Calculating the Return
      5. Intangibles
      6. Final Thoughts
    6. Chapter 6 Reporting Results to Appropriate Audiences
      1. Guidelines for Communicating Results
      2. The Cautions of Communicating Results
      3. The Complete Report
      4. Using Meetings
      5. The Joan Kravitz Story: Presenting the Results of an ROI Study to Senior Management
      6. Routine Communication Tools
      7. Routine Feedback on Progress
      8. The Communication Plan
      9. Final Thoughts
    7. Chapter 7 Implementing and Sustaining ROI
      1. The Importance of Sustaining the Use of ROI
      2. Implementing the Process: Overcoming Resistance
      3. Assessing the Climate
      4. Developing Roles and Responsibilities
      5. Establishing Goals and Plans
      6. Revising or Developing Guidelines and Procedures
      7. Preparing the Team
      8. Initiating ROI Studies
      9. Preparing the Clients and Executives
      10. Removing Obstacles
      11. Monitoring Progress
      12. Final Thoughts
  7. Part II: Evaluation in Action: Case Studies Describing the Evaluation of Leadership Development Programs
    1. Chapter 8 Measuring ROI in Leadership for Performance for Store Managers
    2. Chapter 9 Measuring ROI in a Supervisory Leadership Development Program.
    3. Chapter 10 Measuring ROI in Fundamentals of Business Leadership.
    4. Chapter 11 Measuring ROI in a Selection and Onboarding Program for New Leaders
    5. Chapter 12 Measuring ROI in Safety Leadership for Construction Project Leaders
    6. Chapter 13 Measuring ROI in an Operations Manager Development Program
  8. About the ROI Institute
  9. About the Authors
  10. Index