Chapter 1

Micro-Entrepreneurship 101: Just the Basics, Please

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a clear picture of micro-entrepreneurship

arrow Identifying the different types of businesses you can choose

arrow Marketing your business

As the economy continues to struggle, and enterprises both big and small need to become leaner and meaner, an environment has emerged for the micro-entrepreneur. Micro-entrepreneurships are smaller and more nimble and come in a variety of enterprises, ranging from a single person working from home to a few people working out of an office. When large companies need work done and they don’t have the wherewithal to hire a conventional employee, they’re more likely to work with a micro-entrepreneur.

From 2008 to 2012, a major structural change occurred with the US economy. Standard full-time employment is no longer a given; millions of jobs were wiped out due to a variety of developments, ranging from the popping of the housing bubble (which wiped out hundreds of thousands of construction and real estate-related jobs), to financial firm bankruptcies (Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and so on), to thousands of companies going out of business or drastically cutting back. Millions ...

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