Chapter 12

Cashing In on Advertising

In This Chapter

arrow Focusing on making money directly with AdSense

arrow Making money with pay-per-click advertising

When you do a website or a blog, you’re considered a publisher, and for good reason. You provide content and build an audience — folks who you hope to make money from. You can sell all sorts of things (ebooks, affiliate offers, and so on), but sometimes it makes sense to make money by allowing advertising at your site.

You can make money either directly or indirectly. Making money from advertising directly isn’t that difficult. Direct advertising means you advertise your business directly to your customers; you’re making direct attempts to market to them. An example of direct advertising is when you directly send an email to a customer’s inbox. You get paid from advertisers directly because you put (or allow to be put) an advertisement at your site. Doing so isn’t a problem, although some people may be uncomfortable or unsure about doing this type of advertising. In that case, you can try indirect advertising.

On the other hand, indirect advertising is when a middle man, or reseller, markets your business to your consumers on your behalf. In indirect advertising, you allow an agency to put ads on your site. The agency places the ads, ...

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