Chapter 14. NOOK Friends, Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond

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READING, FOR MANY PEOPLE, is more than a solitary experience; it’s a social one as well. One of the great pleasures of books is sharing your thoughts about them with others, sharing quotes, sharing reading recommendations, and even sharing books. The NOOK Tablet does all that for you, via the NOOK Friends app as well as its integration with Facebook and Twitter. This chapter shows you how to do that, and plenty more.

What Can You Do with NOOK Friends?

The best way to do all this sharing is via NOOK Friends, the free app built into the NOOK Tablet. If you want to share your reading, it’s a spectacular app. Here are its nifty features:

  • See your friends’ activities, such as their book recommendations and favorite quotes from books they’re reading.

  • Share your own book recommendations and favorite quotes from books you’re reading.

  • Lend and borrow books on your NOOK.

Getting Started with NOOK Friends

Who exactly is a NOOK Friend? It’s someone who has signed up for a Barnes & Noble account, is in your Contacts list with an email address, and who has accepted your invitation to become a NOOK Friend—or whose invitation you have accepted. It’s a reciprocal arrangement; once you become someone’s NOOK Friend, he’s also yours, and vice versa.

To start, in the Quick Nav bar, tap Apps and then tap the NOOK Friends app. That’s it; you don’t need to ...

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