Chapter 15

Supercharging Your Team with Microsoft Teams


check Exploring the features and functionalities of Teams

check Making your Teams interaction fun and engaging

check Using the rich meeting capabilities in Teams

The way we run business today is very different from how it was done 20 years ago. The global availability of the Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, and the explosion of cloud computing has forced the evolution of our workforce and our work styles.

To be successful as a business and as a workforce today requires more collaboration, real-time communication, and immediate access to critical information all the while ensuring online safety. Teamwork is no longer a buzzword for big corporations and sports teams — it is now the language for getting work done in small businesses and even solo entrepreneurs. Consequently, the amount of time a typical employee spends “collaborating” has greatly increased. From responding to email, attending meetings, answering phone calls, reporting on task status — employees are getting deluged with heightened expectations to collaborate better, effectively.

To make matters worse, teamwork no longer means working with team members ...

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