Editing Images in ProShow
Using External Editors
Figure 5.45 Use the standard Windows File > Open
dialog to navigate to and select the external editor
you want to use with ProShow.
Figure 5.44 You can select external editors for images,
audio, and video for those times when you need
features that are beyond those included with ProShow.
Using External Editors
ProShow can do quite a bit with your images,
but sometimes youll want to do more image
editing than what is possible within ProShow.
For times like these, youll use an external
Rather than having to leave the program,
open your editing application, and then add
the content to ProShow, you can con g-
ure the program to open your  les directly
from within ProShow.  is enables you to
automatically update your  les when you’ve
completed the edits.
To set up external editors, choose Edit >
Preferences (Figure 5.43). Next, choose
External Editors.
ProShow lets you con gure default applica-
tions for image editing, sound editing, and
video editing (Figure 5.44).
To select a default editor, you can either type
in the path or use the Browse buttons to
navigate to the application on your computer
(Figure 5.45). Select the applications you
Figure 5.43 Open
the Preferences
dialog to access
the External
Editor options
in ProShow.
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Chapter 5
Using External Editors
Figure 5.47 Right-clicking a show element—whether
it is an image, a video, or an audio fi le—and choosing
Open in Editor will launch the fi le in the selected
Figure 5.46 Once you’ve selected the external editors
for ProShow, these programs will be launched with
the selected fi le when you choose the Open Editor
want to use, and click OK to save your prefer-
ences (Figure 5.46).
To work on your image, video, or audio in the
editor you’ve de ned, right-click the slide in
the Slide list, and choose Customize Slide >
Open in Editor (Figure 5.47).  e le will
open for editing in the selected application.
If you haven’t set a default editor, then
the  rst time you choose Open in Editor,
ProShow will prompt you to select a
default—essentially, a shortcut to the
Preferences dialog.

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