Chapter 8
Creating Shows for Devices
Creating Shows for Devices
ProShow supports a number of devices, nota-
bly all the major entertainment systems—
Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Sony
PlayStation 3 and Portable.  is support also
covers media players, such as the Apple iPod,
and cell phones, including the Apple iPhone,
BlackBerry devices, Nokia phones, and Palm
phones. You can even generate shows for the
Apple TV and TiVo DVR.
To create a show for one of these devices,
click the Create Output button and choose
Device, or choose Create > Devices
(Figure 8.74).
Choose from the list of available devices. Your
only options in the Create Video for Device
dialog are to set the location in which to save
the show and to set the quality. By default,
ProShow will save to one of your removable
media drives, letting you save the  le directly
to a memory card that you can insert into the
device. You can also set the location to save
the show to by selecting “Choose a speci c
location” from the Save Location drop-down
If your device isn’t listed, you can add a new
one by clicking the Add button below the list
of devices (Figure 8.75).
In the Custom Device Video Output dialog
(Figure 8.76), enter the information for your
device. Youll need to know what video and
audio formats your device supports, as well
as the display resolution to have your shows
play properly. You can have multiple pro les
for each device, each with di erent quality
settings for playback.
You can  nd information on resolu-
tion,  le formats, and frame rates in the
owner’s manual for your device or online
at the manufacturer’s Web site.
Figure 8.74 ProShow enables you to create shows
for a number of devices, including cell phones,
entertainment systems, and media players.
Figure 8.76 Enter the details for your new device to
tell ProShow what size, quality, and format to create
your show in for proper playback.
Figure 8.75 It’s easy to add devices to ProShow with
the Add button. You’ll be prompted to select the type
of device you’re confi guring.

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