Chapter 1: What? Me? Retire?

The Imagined Dichotomy

Two Goals . . . and Some Non-Goals

Definitions and a Pencil

Start Immediately. Now. Right Away.

Plan Your Prosperity

Chapter 2: My Goals Are . . . What?

Why Is This So Hard?

Your Investing Goals, Simply

Potential Pitfall: Capital Preservation and Growth

Inflation’s Insidious Impact

Three Percent, Compounded

Chapter 3: The Secret Code—Asset Allocation or Benchmark?

Benchmark—A Road Map and Measuring Stick

Picking a Benchmark

The Big Decision—Asset Allocation

Potential Pitfall: Age Doesn’t Equal Asset Allocation

Benchmark Versus Asset Allocation—What’s the Difference?

Chapter 4: Time Horizon—Longer Than You Think

Potential Pitfall: Ignoring Opportunity Cost

Time Horizon—What Is It?

Time Horizon and Benchmark

Chapter 5: What’s in a Return?

Growth Defined

The Past as a Guide?

Gordon Moore and Endless Innovation

Potential Pitfall: Unrealistic Expectations

Chapter 6: Getting That Cash Flow

Potential Pitfall—The All High-Dividend Portfolio

How Much Do You Need?

Monte Carlo—Not Just a Casino

Let’s Get Bootstrapping

Chapter 7: Can I Get There?

How Much Do You Have?

A Savings Plan

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together

To Benchmark or Not to Benchmark

State Your Goals

Know Where You Are

Picking an Appropriate Benchmark

Finding Professional Help

Avoid Being a Fraud Victim

And You’re Off!

Appendix A: All Hail the Mighty Dow

Appendix B: Cash Flow Versus Expenses

Appendix C: Expense Categories

Appendix D: Personal Balance ...

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