Chapter 20

Running Key Reports

In This Chapter

  • Looking at your customer and supplier activity
  • Working out who owes you money and who you owe money to
  • Running simple management reports
  • Searching for your top customers

Sage produces so many reports that just thinking about them can make your head spin. In this chapter, I pick out the reports I find most useful on a day-to-day basis. I show you how to run each report and use examples to demonstrate how to use them. I provide lots of lovely pictures so you can see what Sage should look like.


Sage contains lots of other useful reports as well as the ones I talk about in this chapter. I suggest you have a good root through and pick the ones that suit you.

Checking Activity through the Nominal Codes

The nominal activity report identifies transactions posted to specific nominal codes. The report includes transaction types such as purchase invoices, sales invoices, bank payments and receipts, and journals. I use this report on a daily basis. I often just view the activity on screen, but sometimes I print out the information for further analysis.

This report is useful if you see a figure in the accounts that you want further information on, or if you want to know how you've spent on an item for a specific time period. For example, Jeanette notices that Jingles has allocated £286 to Party Gifts (N/C 5015) in May 2014 and wants to know the ...

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