Appendix B. Industry Interviews


  • Eric Bloomfield

  • Jessica Bowman

  • Brian Combs

  • Rhea Drysdale

  • Paul Dyer

  • Miki Dzugan

  • Rand Fishkin

  • Duane Forrester

  • Stephen Harris

  • Ryan Hoppe

  • Diane Kuehn

  • Matt Naeger

  • Simon Otter

  • Sarah Skerik

  • Andrew Wetzler

  • Jill Whalen

The SEO industry, like any other technology arena, is full of people who have differing views on what works and what doesn't. There are always a few things that everyone agrees on, though.

The folks actually working in the field are the ones who know where theory and application diverge to create a workable solution. They can tell you what strategies are sure to be successful and which ones are sure to flop.

If you're working in SEO or search marketing of any form, you probably have questions you'd love to pose to someone who's been working in the industry for a while. The interviews in this section give you that opportunity—with me, Jerri Ledford, acting as your rep.

Here you'll find 16 interviews with people across the SEO industry. These are the people in the trenches, who are faced each day with implementing SEO either for themselves or for other organizations.

They understand your challenges—from budget to manpower—and they've faced the same decisions about SEO that you have. In these interviews, they share their advice with you. They offer their best tips, and their opinions about what works, what doesn't, and what's coming.

Eric Bloomfield, Vice President of Client Service & Technology, SendTraffic

Eric Bloomfield has been with SendTraffic ...

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