Chapter 20

Creating Page Layouts with SharePoint Designer

In This Chapter

arrow Working with placeholders, page layouts, and master pages

arrow Deciding on your content controls and content types

arrow Creating a new page layout in various ways

arrow Adding containers and controls to your layout

In Chapter 18, I show you how to choose and apply different page layout templates in SharePoint 2010. Like many other applications, when I started with these templates, I was perfectly happy until I realized that I couldn’t do this, or that, or that other thing (you get the picture). Sometimes you just need to create your own layouts.

Many SharePoint techies and branding resources may confuse what functionality they get from the master page (or the outer template) and what functionality they get from the page layout until they populate page content. Then they realize it’d help to have the title display (or not display) in a certain location, to have a certain Web Part embedded on the page, or to keep the content on the right to a certain width. Here’s when shortcomings of a predefined page layout start to appear. ...

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