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Strategic Leadership of Portfolio and Project Management

Book Description

As an executive in today’s economy, your organization may have limited resources and bench strength. How can you and other leaders make the most of your company’s assets? This book will instruct you and your leadership teams on implementing strategy through identifying, selecting, prioritizing, resourcing, and governing an optimal combination of projects and other work. Inside, you’ll learn how to sponsor every project stage, as well as instruct your project managers and direct reports to follow your lead. Detailed advice is given for project management competency on utilizing input from customers, employees, and processes. Much of your organization’s work is probably dependent on information technology and understanding and using information technology as a strategic weapon, and with this book, you’ll learn how your organization can become competitive and how to effectively implement smart business strategies. This book outlines how these portfolio and project decisions have to be made based on both qualitative and quantitative data using reliable analysis methods.