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The DJ Sales and Marketing Handbook

Book Description

The DJ Sales and Marketing Handbook provides a roadmap to maximizing your profits as a disc jockey. It is jam-packed with practical tools, expert tips and cost-effective methods for increasing sales and creating loyal clients. Renowned DJ Stacy Zemon reveals specific ideas, proven techniques and creative approaches to multiplying your income and gaining the competitive edge. Written for both newcomers and experienced professionals, this comprehensive guide and essential reference manual gives you all of the know-how needed to achieve dramatic results.

Inside you will find instructive examples and step-by-step guidelines for how to: find a unique market niche; convert prospects into clients; create and implement a marketing plan; get free publicity; make strategic alliances; select the right media; generate leads and referrals; increase client satisfaction... and much, much more.

"Stacy Zemon is a knowledgeable source on being a pro mobile DJ. She is also a veteran of the industry who has contributed much to its evolution." - Jim Tremayne, DJ Times Magazine

"We endorse Stacy Zemon and her mission to provide DJs with educational resources that support their long-term goals, and help them to achieve prosperity." - American Disc Jockey Association

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Foreword
  9. About the Author
  10. Introduction
  11. Chapter 1. Prosperity: Creating Inner and Outer Abundance
    1. Success Defined
    2. Inner and Outer Abundance
    3. Goal Setting
    4. Creating an Action Plan
    5. Your Teammates
    6. Overcoming Obstacles
    7. Becoming a Master
    8. Leadership
    9. Communication Skills
    10. Learning Styles
    11. Meditation
  12. Chapter 2. Business Matters: The Foundation of Your Castle
    1. Industry Statistics
    2. Calculating a Marketing Budget
    3. Return on Investment (ROI)
    4. Purchasing Media
    5. Tracking Your Results
    6. Using Advertising Agents
    7. Pricing Competitively
    8. Handling Deposits and Payments
    9. Organizing Clients and Gigs
    10. Equipment
  13. Chapter 3. Marketing: More Than Your Magnetic Personality
    1. The Marketplace
    2. Marketing Basics
    3. Researching the Competition
    4. Marketing’s Various Facets
    5. Branding
    6. Carving Your Niche
    7. Permission Marketing
    8. Telemarketing
    9. Marketing Packet
    10. Presentation
    11. Direct Mail
    12. Letterhead and Envelopes
    13. Business Cards
    14. Brochures
    15. Cover Letters
    16. Newsletters and E-zines
    17. Websites
  14. Chapter 4. Sales: Dollar$ from Sense
    1. Converting Prospects into Clients
    2. The Art of Upselling
    3. Telephone Sales
    4. Handling Objections
    5. Telephone Etiquette
    6. In-Person Appointments
    7. Sales DVD or CD-ROM
    8. Compensation
  15. Chapter 5. Specialty Markets: Bull’s-Eye, You’re Right on Target
    1. Events Galore
    2. Carving Your Niche
    3. Clubs and Bars
    4. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
    5. Corporations
    6. Schools
    7. Weddings
    8. Charities
    9. Karaoke
    10. Bridal Fairs
    11. Sound Reinforcement
  16. Chapter 6. Customer Service: A Contact Sport
    1. Velcroing Your Client
    2. Generating Referrals
    3. Keeping in Touch
    4. Internal Customer Service
    5. Handling Complaints
    6. Refund Policy
  17. Chapter 7. Advertising: Made You Look!
    1. Advertising Essentials
    2. When to Advertise
    3. Copywriting
    4. Word-of-Mouth
    5. Yellow Pages
    6. Radio
    7. Television
    8. Publications
    9. Direct Mail
    10. Websites
  18. Chapter 8. Public Relations: The Holy Grail of Freebies
    1. Objectives
    2. Avenues
    3. Free Publicity
    4. Topics
    5. Format
    6. Media Kits
    7. Photographs
    8. Targeting Media
    9. Being Interviewed
    10. Promotional Items
  19. Chapter 9. Networking: The Art of Tongue Fu
    1. Effective Networking
    2. Your USP
    3. Complementary Businesses
    4. VIP Contacts
    5. Barter
    6. DJ Associations
    7. Trade Shows
  20. Chapter 10. Records of Success: Inside Secrets from Prominent DJs
    1. Randy Bartlett
    2. Paul Beardmore
    3. Robert Deyoe
    4. Brian Doyle
    5. Jeff Greene
    6. Kevin Howard St. John
    7. Ray Martinez
    8. Peter Merry
    9. Matt Peterson
    10. J. R. Silva
    11. Randi Rae Treibitz
    12. Stacy Zemon
  21. Sample Materials
  22. Appendix
  23. Index