Appendix A


accommodation strategy
objective assessment of the space requirements of an organization and how these will be satisfied – see also space management
tasks that are needed to complete deliverables (EN 15221-5:2011)
possibility of changing characteristics such as volume, function or space in order to meet new demands or needs (BS 8536:2010)
added value
tangible gain from a decision, action or procedure that exceeds its monetary equivalent; for example, a specified service might be performed at its most economical cost yet still provide further benefit from, say, the manner in which end-users’ other needs are satisfied – see also best value
employment of personnel through a specialist or general recruitment agency; they provide variable standards of selection expertise, personnel support and training, and end-user support
as-built information
expression of the design, its working detail, construction works and/or installations, functions, operations and maintenance needs of a facility in a form suitable for use in managing that facility (BS 8536:2010)
item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization (ISO 55000: 2014)
asset cost breakdown
itemization of the capital cost of a facility asset in terms of its constituent parts (BS 8587:2012)
asset management
coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets (ISO 55000: 2014)
asset register
collection of ...

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