Transmedia Marketing

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Transmedia Marketing: From Film and TV to Games and Digital Media skillfully guides media makers and media marketers through the rapidly changing world of entertainment and media marketing. Its groundbreaking transmedia approach integrates storytelling and marketing content creation across multiple media platforms – harnessing the power of audience to shape and promote your story.

Through success stories, full color examples of effective marketing techniques in action, and insight from top entertainment professionals, Transmedia Marketing covers the fundamentals of a sound 21st century marketing and content plan. You’ll master the strategy behind conducting research, identifying target audiences, setting goals, and branding your project. And, you’ll learn first-hand how to execute your plan’s publicity, events, advertising, trailers, digital and interactive content, and social media. Transmedia Marketing enlivens these concepts with:

  • Hundreds of vibrant examples from across media platforms – The Hunger Games, Prometheus, The Dark Knight, Bachelorette, The Lord of the Rings, Despicable Me 2, Food, Inc., Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Top Chef, Pokémon, BioShock Infinite, Minecraft, Outlast, Titanfall, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Halo 4, Lonelygirl15, Annoying Orange
  • Real-world advice from 45 leading industry writers, directors, producers, composers, distributors, marketers, publicists, critics, journalists, attorneys, and executives from markets, festivals, awards, and guilds
  • Powerful in-depth case studies showcasing successful approaches – A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Mad Men, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
  • Extensive Web content at featuring a primer on transmedia platforms – film, broadcast, print, games, digital media, and experiential media; expanded case studies; sample marketing plans and materials; and exclusive interviews

With Transmedia Marketing, you’ll be fully versed in the art of marketing film, TV, games, and digital media and primed to write and achieve the winning plan for your next media project.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Preface
    1. Chapter 1 Media Makers = Media Marketers
      1. Technology—The Great Equalizer
      2. A Maker and Marketer Culture
      3. Be Your Project's CEO
      4. Transmedia Marketing for Impact
    2. Chapter 2 Be Transmedia
      1. Roots and Definition
      2. Bridging Media Making and Marketing
      3. Transmedia Storytelling
      4. Transmedia Platforms
    3. Chapter 3 Harness Your Inner Marketer
      1. Marketing Is Fun and Scientific
      2. Good Marketing Looks Easy
      3. Marketing 101
      4. Who Owns Transmedia Marketing?
      5. A Marketing Inspiration—Apple
    1. Chapter 4 The Marketing Plan
      1. Why Plan?
      2. Plans That Work
      3. Elements of a Sound Marketing Plan
      4. A Sample Plan—Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
    2. Chapter 5 Know Your Media Project
      1. What Is It Really?
      2. Situation Analysis
      3. Seizing the Opportunities
      4. Overcoming the Challenges
    3. Chapter 6 Research to Win
      1. Secondary and Primary Research
      2. Quantitative and Qualitative Research
      3. Research in Media and Entertainment
    4. Chapter 7 Audience, Audience, Audience
      1. Why Audience Rules
      2. Identifying and Targeting Your Audiences
      3. Engaging and Rewarding Your Audiences
    5. Chapter 8 Goals and Objectives
      1. Goals—Definition and Examples
      2. Objectives—Definition and Examples
      3. Connecting Goals to Results
    1. Chapter 9 Branding
      1. Brand Discovery through Archetypes
      2. Brand Positioning and Expressions
      3. The Creative Brief
    2. Chapter 10 What's in a Name?
      1. The Good Title Checklist
      2. The Bad and the Ugly
      3. Finding Your Title
    3. Chapter 11 Visual and Aural Identity
      1. Logos
      2. Graphics and Art
      3. The Graphic Style Guide
      4. Sound and Music
      5. A Rebrand—Masterpiece Theatre Meets Masterpiece
    4. Chapter 12 Positioning and Messaging
      1. Honing Your Message
      2. A Story in a Logline
      3. Developing Taglines
      4. Pitch Points
      5. Choosing Spokespeople
    1. Chapter 13 The Project Launch
      1. Target Audience Strategy
      2. Timing
      3. The Launch Vehicle
    2. Chapter 14 Media Relations
      1. Advertising vs. Publicity
      2. Journalists vs. Bloggers
      3. Entertainment Publicity
    3. Chapter 15 Press Materials
      1. Writing Good Press Copy
      2. Press Releases
      3. Press Kits
      4. Photography and Art
      5. Pitch Letters
    4. Chapter 16 Media Events
      1. Choosing Talent
      2. Press Conferences
      3. Media Tours and Press Junkets
      4. All-purpose Events
      5. Public Speaking
    1. Chapter 17 Markets, Trade Events, and Festivals
      1. Markets and Trade Shows
      2. Festivals
      3. General Festivals and Events
      4. A Sundance Film Festival Strategy—Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
    2. Chapter 18 Awards
      1. The Awards Process
      2. Awards and For Your Consideration Campaigns
      3. Entertainment Marketing Awards
    3. Chapter 19 Strategic Partners
      1. The Power of "Us"
      2. Partnership Criteria
      3. A Partnership Strategy—Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
    1. Chapter 20 The Art of Art
      1. Concept Art and Key Art
      2. Posters and One-sheets
      3. Collateral
    2. Chapter 21 The Open and Title Sequence
      1. Purpose and Inspirations
      2. How to Open
    3. Chapter 22 Trailers, Promos, and Sizzlers
      1. Trailers and Teasers
      2. Sizzle Reels
    1. Chapter 23 The Media Plan
      1. Media Planning
      2. What's a GRP?
      3. Fishing Where the Fish Are
      4. Entertainment Media Plans
    2. Chapter 24 Advertising Creative
      1. Ads for the Ages
      2. Twenty-first-century Entertainment Creative
      3. Sample Advertising Creative—Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
    3. Chapter 25 Advertising Context
      1. Physical Context
      2. Native Ads and Brand Integration
      3. Cultural Context
    1. Chapter 26 Online and On-the-go Marketing
      1. Content Creation and Curation
      2. Web Sites
      3. Blogs, Pods, and Vlogs
      4. Search Engine Optimization—SEO
      5. Online Visuals and Video
    2. Chapter 27 The Social Screen
      1. Social Storytellers and Ambassadors
      2. Trending and Viral
      3. Socializing Real Worlds
      4. Socializing Fictional Worlds
    3. Chapter 28 Interactive Content and Marketing
      1. Internal vs. External Motivations
      2. Alternate Reality Games
      3. Interactive Storytelling
      4. Gamification
    1. Chapter 29 Media-fueled Social Impact
      1. A Greater Purpose
      2. Transmedia Social Impact Campaigns
      3. Lights, Camera, Social Action
    2. Chapter 30 Measuring Outcomes
      1. Goals Meet Impacts
      2. Metrics That Matter
      3. Anecdotes That Amplify
      4. An Evaluation—Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
    3. Chapter 31 Transmedia Marketing Case Studies
      1. A.I. Artificial Intelligence's "The Beast"—Participatory Tribal Audiences
      2. Mad Men—Branding the American Dream
      3. Lizzie Bennet Diaries—Perspective Storytelling
      4. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo "Watch 'n' Sniff" Premiere Event—Socialized Talent and Content
    4. Chapter 32 Market It!
      1. The Business of Show Business
      2. Pitch Perfect
      3. Your Transmedia Future
  17. Index

Product information

  • Title: Transmedia Marketing
  • Author(s): Anne Zeiser
  • Release date: June 2015
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781134746293