Chapter 11

Applying the TRIZ Problem-Solving Process

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking creatively by following the rules

arrow Following the TRIZ problem-solving process step by step

arrow Working as a team

Clever problem solving requires clear and systematic thinking: the TRIZ step-by-step process explored in this chapter can help you work through your problem in a logical way to help you find breakthrough, innovative solutions.

The steps, in a nutshell, are as follows:

  1. Understand and scope the problem.
  2. Uncover all needs and scope the solutions.
  3. Zoom in and define the problem.
  4. Identify the solution triggers.
  5. Generate solutions.
  6. Rank solutions and implement.

This chapter puts some factual filling into this theoretical sandwich.

Logically and Systematically Solving Problems

When faced with a difficult problem, what do you do? Go for a walk and hope a solution will come to you? The TRIZ approach is to work systematically to understand and then define and focus your problem, in order to find the best solution.

tip The more solutions you generate for the wrong problem, the farther away they take you from ...

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