Chapter 13

Solving Problems using the TRIZ Standard Solutions

In This Chapter

arrow Defining and categorising problems

arrow Looking up relevant solutions

arrow Applying Standard Solutions to real problems

The Standard Solutions are one of the problem-solving tools developed from the categorisation of solutions to existing problems and how those problems have been solved inventively: think of them as a kind of ‘library’ of answers that the world has generated in the past! The Standard Solutions form one of the broadest solution tools in TRIZ, encompassing many of the other tools based on patent analysis (the 40 Inventive Principles, the Trends of Technical Evolution and the Effects Database).

The Standard Solutions are simple TRIZ lists for dealing with problems: one of the tools developed from patent analysis (as described in Chapter 1) which equip you with known, standard ways of dealing with harms, improving insufficiencies and measuring or detecting things.

Defining a Subject–action–Object

In order to apply the Standard Solutions you have to define your problem as a single Subject–action–Object. When you have your Subject–action–Object (SaO) in order, you can then break it down into three ...

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