VISNET II is a European Union Network of Excellence (NoE) in the 6th Framework Programme, which brings together 12 leading European organizations in the field of Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies. The consortium consists of organizations with a proven track record and strong national and international reputations in audiovisual information technologies. VISNET II integrates over 100 researchers who have made significant contributions to this field of technology, through standardization activities, international publications, conferences workshop activities, patents, and many other prestigious achievements. The 12 integrated organizations represent 7 European states spanning across a major part of Europe, thereby promising efficient dissemination and exploitation of the resulting technological development to larger communities.

This book contains some of the research output of VISNET II in the area of Advanced Video Coding and Networking. The book contains details of video coding principles, which lead to advanced video coding developments in the form of scalable coding, distributed video coding, non-normative video coding tools, and transform-based multi-view coding. Having detailed the latest work in visual media coding, the networking aspects of video communication are presented in the second part of the book. Various wireless channel models are presented, to form the basis for following chapters. Both link-level quality of service (QoS) and cross-network transmission ...

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