29 Leadership Secrets From Jack Welch

Book description

The first concise book of essential Welch-isms, abridged from the bestselling Get Better or Get Beaten

Jack Welch built a career out of fighting waste. 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch follows in Welch's footsteps, boiling the legendary CEO's leadership successes down to 29 strategies that made GE the world's most competitive company­­and Welch the world's most successful and admired CEO.

This all-in-one Welch reference updates material from Robert Slater's bestselling Get Better or Get Beaten, and is today's ultimate fast-paced, no-nonsense handbook on the ways of Jack Welch. It taps into the heart of Welch's courage, innovation, and leadership success by examining simple leadership secrets that include:

  • Managing less is managing better
  • Make quality the job of every employee
  • Have global brains and vision

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch: Abridged from Get Better or Get Beaten (Second Edition)
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Part I The Visionary Leader: Management Tactics for Gaining the Competitive Edge
    1. Leadership Secret 1 Harness the Power of Change
    2. Leadership Secret 2 Face Reality!
    3. Leadership Secret 3 Managing Less Is Managing Better
    4. Leadership Secret 4 Create a Vision and Then Get Out of the Way
    5. Leadership Secret 5 Don’t Pursue a Central Idea; Instead, Set Only a Few Clear, General Goals as Business Strategies
    6. Leadership Secret 6 Nurture Employees Who Share the Company’s Values
  7. Part II Igniting a Revolution: Strategies for Dealing with Change
    1. Leadership Secret 7 Keep Watch for Ways to Create Opportunities and to Become More Competitive
    2. Leadership Secret 8 Be Number One or Number Two and Keep Redefining Your Market
    3. Leadership Secret 9 Downsize, Before It’s Too Late!
    4. Leadership Secret 10 Use Acquisitions to Make the Quantum Leap!
    5. Leadership Secret 11 Learning Culture I: Use Boundarylessness and Empowerment to Nurture a Learning Culture
    6. Leadership Secret 12 Learning Culture II: Inculcate the Best Ideas into the Business, No Matter Where They Come From
    7. Leadership Secret 13 The Big Winners in the Twenty-first Century Will Be Global
  8. Part III Removing the Boss Element: Productivity Secrets for Creating the Boundaryless Organization
    1. Leadership Secret 14 De-Layer: Get Rid of the Fat!
    2. Leadership Secret 15 Spark Productivity Through the ‘‘S’’ Secrets (Speed, Simplicity, and Self-Confidence)
    3. Leadership Secret 16 Act Like a Small Company
    4. Leadership Secret 17 Remove the Boundaries!
    5. Leadership Secret 18 Unleash the Energy of Your Workers
    6. Leadership Secret 19 Listen to the People Who Actually Do the Work
    7. Leadership Secret 20 Go Before Your Workers and Answer All Their Questions
  9. Part IV Next Generation Leadership: Initiatives for Driving and Sustaining Double-digit Growth
    1. Leadership Secret 21 Stretch: Exceed Your Goals as Often as You Can
    2. Leadership Secret 22 Make Quality a Top Priority
    3. Leadership Secret 23 Make Quality the Job of Every Employee
    4. Leadership Secret 24 Make Sure Everyone Understands How Six Sigma Works
    5. Leadership Secret 25 Make Sure the Customer Feels Quality
    6. Leadership Secret 26 Grow Your Service Business: It’s the Wave of the Future
    7. Leadership Secret 27 Take Advantage of E-Business Opportunities
    8. Leadership Secret 28 Make Existing Businesses Internet-Ready—Don’t Assume That New Business Models Are the Answer
    9. Leadership Secret 29 Use E-Business to Put the Final Nail in Bureaucracy
  10. Afterword

Product information

  • Title: 29 Leadership Secrets From Jack Welch
  • Author(s): Robert Slater
  • Release date: September 2002
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071416849