Booting a disk image on the Android emulator

Once we have done all the changes, we can build the qcow2 image using the following command:

$ make qcow2_img USE_SQUASHFS=0...make_ext4fs -T -1 -S out/target/product/x86emu/root/file_contexts -L system -l 1342177280 -a system out/target/product/x86emu/obj/PACKAGING/systemimage_intermediates/system.img out/target/product/x86emu/system out/target/product/x86emu/systemCreating filesystem with parameters:    Size: 1342177280    Block size: 4096    Blocks per group: 32768    Inodes per group: 8192    Inode size: 256    Journal blocks: 5120    Label: system    Blocks: 327680    Block groups: 10    Reserved block group size: 79Created filesystem with 2122/81920 inodes and 178910/327680 blocksInstall system fs image: out/target/product/x86emu/system.img ...

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