Uploading Your Application to the Android Marketplace

You've finally reached the apex of the Android application development — the publishing of your application. Don't worry. It's very easy — just follow these steps:

  1. From the Android developer home page (shown in Figure 10-14), click Upload Application.

    The Upload an Application screen appears.

  2. For the Application .apk file, choose the .apk file that you created earlier in the chapter and then click Upload.
  3. In the Screenshots section, add two screenshots of your application.

    To see how to take these shots, see the section, “Getting Screenshots for Your Application,” earlier in this chapter. The sizes of these screen shots need to be 320w x 480h, 480w x 800h, 480w x 854h, or 1280w x 800h (please note, Google may add new screen sizes in the future that may not be listed here). Screenshots are not required to publish the app. You should also add a large resolution icon as well. This icon is 512px by 512px. The icon shows up on the online version of the Market: http://market.android.com.

  4. Add a promo shot.

    This promo shot will need to be created in the dimensions of 180w x 120h and should be created in an image-editing program. The promo shot is used for random promotions that Android chooses to showcase when browsing the market. A promo shot is not required to publish the app.

  5. Set the title of your application.

    I chose Screen Brightness Toggle Widget. This text is indexed for the Android Market search.

  6. Set the description for your ...

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