272 Hollywood, Here I Come: Creating Visual Effects
Creating a Polished Opening
A strong opening is critical for every video project, and since you’re not deep
into the body of your story yet, it’s one of the least distracting places to try out
different visual effects.
Remember, however, that your opening shots set the tone and the mood for
the rest of the piece. If you keep this in mind, you can effectively prepare your
viewers for what’s to come and engage them in your movie from the opening
Adding a Still Image from iPhoto
One way to give the movie a nice introduction is to grab a still photo and put a
title over it. In many situations, you’ll have both video and still photos of the same
event. Fortunately, you can view your iPhoto library from right inside iMovie.
1 From the Project Library, open ATS-Bhutan - (Lesson 9).
This is a project containing all the edits made in Lesson 8. If you completed
Lesson 8, you can also continue working in the
ATS-Bhutan - (Start) project.
2 Click the Photos button in the Event Browser.
Photos button
Adding a Still Image from iPhoto 273
The Photos Browser opens, showing all the Events from your iPhoto
library. You can navigate to other iPhoto albums using the icons at the
top of the iPhoto library.
3 Find the Bhutan Event, and double-click it.
You can limit the Photos Browser to show only pictures from the
same date as the Event currently open in the iMovie Event Browser or
from a date range. The clips in this project had to be modified, so they’re
no longer linked to the photos from the same Event. In your own projects,
however, this is a quick way to find photos from the same Event as your
4 Find the photo of the mountain vista pictured below.
5 Drag the photo into the project, adding it before the first shot. Play the
274 Hollywood, Here I Come: Creating Visual Effects
The still photo is added and an automatic zoom-out effect is applied. You
can customize that effect in the Crop window.
6 Click the still photo in the Project Browser, and press C to open the Crop
Swap Start and End button
The green box indicates the starting frame, and the red box indicates the
ending frame. iMovie automatically animates from the start to the end,
creating the zoom effect.
Because this is the opening of the show, we want to invite the viewer
into the location. A zoom in, instead of a zoom out, would be more
7 Click the Swap Start and End button, then press the Spacebar to play.
That switches the zoom out to a zoom in. You can also click the green
or red box and manually adjust it to create a custom movement.
8 Click Done to close the Crop window.

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