Tuning and Recording During a Lesson 335
When you’re finished experimenting with the different views, stop the les-
son playback.
The setup menu also includes checkboxes to select a left-handed
guitar, top-down fretboard, and subtitles for the video. You can also use
the My Input Device Menu at the top of the Setup pane to change your
guitar input settings for the lesson.
Tuning and Recording During a Lesson
In addition to taking a lesson, you can also tune your guitar and record your
practice during the lesson. Because both of these features require a guitar or
keyboard that is connected to the computer, they wont be included as exer-
cises in this lesson.
The Tuner is located next to the Setup button near the upper-right corner of
the screen.
To tune your guitar, simply click the Tuner button and play the string that
you want to tune. The visual tuner works the same as most professional
guitar tuners.
To record your practice, move the playhead to the place where you want to
start recording, click the Record button in the Control bar, and play your gui-
tar. Click the Play button when youre finished. For a guitar recording, a purple
Real Instrument region appears below the playhead; for a piano recording,

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