Chapter 1

Understanding SharePoint


  • The differences between SharePoint product versions
  • Common usage scenarios for SharePoint
  • An overview of important SharePoint concepts and features

The goal of this book is to provide you with experience using the tools and features of SharePoint in a way that enables you to craft and develop powerful, no-code business solutions within SharePoint. An important part of understanding how best to manage and use SharePoint from either an end user, information worker, developer, or IT pro perspective is first to understand the core capabilities of the product and how they can be extended to meet your organization’s unique and specific business needs. Along those lines, this chapter introduces you to the exciting features and capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Technologies. With it, you will learn how to put the platform to work for your organization to create scalable business solutions. In this chapter, you get an overview of how SharePoint is used and gain an understanding of the different combinations of licensing and configuration available within your environment.


Before getting started on the technical tasks associated with managing and working with SharePoint content, it is important to understand the purpose of common usage scenarios for the technology. The power associated with SharePoint solutions is directly related to the ability for organizations to customize solutions to fit ...

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