Chapter 17

Working with Search


  • Basic search
  • Building search queries
  • Customizing the search experience
  • Search Center
  • Managing search features
  • Search-driven content
  • Search usage reports

Thus far, this book has covered the various ways you can store and interact with documents and content via SharePoint 2013. After configuring your system to fit your business requirements, you need to configure it so that users can easily find the information. When users visit a website, they expect to be able to find the relevant content that they are looking for quickly and easily by searching the site. SharePoint is no exception to this expectation. The tools covered in this chapter can be combined to help you build powerful search solutions for your users.


The search facilities in SharePoint enable users to easily locate content stored in the various SharePoint sites as well as other external content sources, such as file shares, Exchange public folders, and line-of-business (LOB) applications. Before you start working through this chapter’s Try It Out exercises, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the core concepts of SharePoint Search.

Key Terms

Quite a few components make up the SharePoint Search application; in fact, entire books have been dedicated to explaining how to best configure, manage, and use the search features of SharePoint. Although this book won’t go into as much detail, it will cover all the search ...

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