MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT SERVER 2013 has improved and changed dramatically over previous versions of the product, including significant enhancements to the web content management, social media, business connectivity, and search features of the platform. However, the value of this tool to an enterprise depends primarily on the ability of individuals in the organization to understand the features and capabilities of the platform and effectively map those to specific business requirements.

This book is designed to mentor and coach an organization’s business and technical thought leaders on the use and configuration of SharePoint to address critical information-management problems. It gives detailed descriptions and illustrations of the product’s functionality and includes realistic usage scenarios to provide contextual relevance and a personalized learning experience.


The mission of this book is to provide extensive knowledge to information workers and site managers that will empower them to become SharePoint application champions in their organizations. This book should be the premier handbook of any active or aspiring SharePoint expert.

To complete the exercises (known as Try It Outs) in this book, you should have a basic comfort level using Microsoft Office client applications to create content and a general understanding of how to interact with a website through the browser. This book is intended as a starting point for any SharePoint 2013 user, whether ...

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