Chapter 15



check Reading blockchain documents

check Building smart cities

check Creating hack-proof identity

In this chapter, I introduce you to the exciting innovations that are taking place inside governments and the companies that support them with innovative blockchain projects.

Everyday business is affected by scams and fraud, and this chapter explains how governments are fighting back against cybercrime and identity theft. You also find out about smart cities initiatives, which will be critical to economic growth and sustainability — many are using blockchain technology to bridge technological gaps.

The Smart Cities of Asia

Smart cities are taking advantage of modern technology to enhance infrastructure function, and safety, and improve things like traffic and air quality. The business of becoming a smart city is booming, and almost every larger municipality has embraced the smart city concept.

Blockchain is especially useful when integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) used by smart cities. Several interesting projects are being piloted now for commercial deployment. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is exploring securing IoT devices used by Customs ...

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