CHAPTER 8The Power of Information Products

Brand-Building Products and Easy-to-Follow Programs

Creating information products and programs based on your expertise that are designed to serve your target market's very specific urgent needs and compelling desires are a very effective way of demonstrating credibility and earning trust. People love packaged learning and experiences. They're easy to understand and therefore easy to buy. Perhaps you think that your service may not be as easily defined as a packaged product or program, and necessarily has a high barrier for entry. You may underestimate what you have to offer. As you continue to develop and enhance your Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle, you will want to produce products and programs that will fully round out the many possible stages of your sales cycle, including the early stages, where barriers to entry must be low.

I'm sure your bookshelves are lined with products and programs that you've purchased from other service professionals over the years. In fact, you're reading one right now. How would you like to create your own?

I just love the opportunity offered through information product creation because you can follow a simple step-by-step system that leads you to the production ...

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