Chapter 7. C Control Statements: Branching and Jumps

You will learn about the following in this chapter:

  • Keywords

    if, else, switch, continue

    break, case, default, goto

  • Operators

    && || ?:

  • Functions

    getchar(), putchar(), the ctype.h family

  • How to use the if and if else statements and how to nest them

  • Using logical operators to combine relational expressions into more involved test expressions

  • C's conditional operator

  • The switch statement

  • The break, continue, and goto jumps

  • Using C's character I/O functions—getchar() and putchar()

  • The family of character-analysis functions provided by the ctype.h header file

As you grow more comfortable with C, you will probably want to tackle more complex tasks. When you do, you'll need ways to control and organize these projects. ...

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