Review Questions

1:putchar(getchar()) is a valid expression; what does it do? Is getchar(putchar()) also valid?
2:What would each of the following statements accomplish?
  1. putchar('H');

  2. putchar('\007');

  3. putchar('\n');

  4. putchar('\b');

3:Suppose you have a program count that counts the characters in its input. Devise a command that counts the number of characters in the file essay and stores the result in a file named essayct.
4:Given the program and files in question 3, which of the following are valid commands?
  1. essayct <essay

  2. count essay

  3. essay >count

5:What is EOF?
6:What is the output of each of the following fragments for the indicated input (assume that ch is type int and that the input is buffered)?
  1. The input is as follows:

     If you quit, I will.[enter] ...

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