Fancy Declarations

C enables you to create elaborate data forms. Although we are sticking to simpler forms, we feel it is our duty to point out the potentialities. When you make a declaration, the name (or identifier) can be modified by tacking on a modifier.

Modifier Significance
* Indicates a pointer
() Indicates a function
[] Indicates an array

C enables you to use more than one modifier at a time, and that enables you to create a variety of types.

 int board[8][8]; // an array of arrays of int int ** ptr; // a pointer to a pointer to int int * risks[10]; // a 10-element array of pointers to int int (* rusks)[10]; // a pointer to an array of 10 ints int * oof[3][4]; // a 3 x 4 array of pointers to int int (* uuf)[3][4]; // a pointer to a ...

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