Viewing EIGRP Status


You want to check the status of EIGRP on the router.


There are several useful commands for looking at EIGRP status. As we have seen throughout this chapter, the show ip protocols command displays a wealth of useful information:

Router1#show ip protocols

You can look at a routing table of only those routes that were learned via EIGRP by adding the eigrp keyword as follows:

Router1#show ip route eigrp

Another extremely useful EIGRP command displays a table of all of the adjacent EIGRP routers:

Router1#show ip eigrp neighbors

You can see information about the interfaces that exchange routing information by using EIGRP with this command:

Router1#show ip eigrp interfaces

This information is nicely augmented with the new show ip eigrp accounting command:

Router9#show ip eigrp accounting

And finally, you can view the EIGRP topology database as follows:

Router1#show ip eigrp topology


The precise output of the show ip protocols command varies, depending on what features are enabled. However, we have shown several examples of different output throughout this chapter:

Router1#show ip protocols  Routing Protocol is "eigrp 55" Outgoing update filter list for all interfaces is not set Incoming update filter list for all interfaces is not set Serial0.1 filtered by (prefix-list) Inbound Default networks flagged in outgoing updates Default networks not accepted from incoming updates EIGRP metric weight K1=1, K2=0, K3=1, K4=0, K5=0 EIGRP maximum hopcount 100 EIGRP ...

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