Showing DHCP Status


You want to display the status of the DHCP server functions on the router.


To display the IP address bindings and their associated leases, use the following command:

Router1#show ip dhcp binding

The following command displays any IP address conflicts that the router has detected in the DHCP address pool:

Router1#show ip dhcp conflict

You can view the status of remote database backups with this command:

Router1#show ip dhcp database

And you can see the global DHCP server statistics like this:

Router1#show ip dhcp server statistics


To display the status of the DHCP service, use the show ip dhcp EXEC command. If you add the keyword binding, this command displays the current DHCP bindings, which include the assigned IP addresses, the associated client MAC addresses, and the lease expiration time:

Router1#show ip dhcp binding
IP address       Hardware address        Lease expiration        Type      0100.0103.85e9.87       Apr 10 2006 08:55 PM    Automatic      0100.50da.2a5e.a2       Apr 10 2006 09:00 PM    Automatic      0100.0103.ea1b.ed       Apr 10 2006 08:58 PM    Automatic

To view the IP addresses that are currently in conflict, use the conflict keyword. This command displays all of the IP addresses that the router has discovered conflicts for, and how the conflict was discovered:

Router1#show ip dhcp conflict 
IP address        Detection method   Detection time       Ping               Apr 09 2006 09:08 PM       Gratuitous ARP     Apr 09 2006 10:00 PM

With the database ...

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