IPv6 on Tru64 UNIX

Tru64 UNIX version 5.1 was the first supported release for IPv6 in 2000. Compaq provided Early Adopters Kits (EAKs) for previous versions of Tru64 UNIX, but on an experimental basis. Compaq was one of the leading manufacturers to offer an IPv6 implementation in the early stages of the IPv6 design.

Currently, not all applications and packages that are available on Tru64 UNIX support IPv6, but most networking services are IPv6-enabled.

Stateless Autoconfiguration on Tru64

As soon as IPv6 support is enabled on Tru64, you can enable stateless autoconfiguration on a given interface by following this procedure:

Step 1.
Run the /usr/sbin/ip6_setup script.
Step 2.
Enter yes to enable inet services.
Step 3.
Enter no to configure the ...

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