Part I. Design and Collaboration

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Design and Collaboration

Your organization creates products and services, but it can make better products and services, and you’re going to help them. In this book, you won’t find a new way to design. This book isn’t about changing what you do. It’s about taking what you already do and changing how you do it, about working better together with your team, your stakeholders, and your clients.

Think of your organization as an experience machine (Figure I-1). Ideas go in, everyone does their part, and an experience comes out. Imagine you work for a coffee company. Someone has the idea to sell coffee in stores across the country. So, everyone does their part, and in cities and towns across the country, customers can walk into coffee shops. That coffee company is a machine for making coffee-related experiences.

Figure I-1

Your organization is a user experience factory. Ideas go in, everybody does their part, and a user experience comes out the end.

Every experience made by every organization is made up of countless products and services. Although you can help your organization build different products and services, it’s easier to improve what your organization already builds.

To improve these experiences, you need a set of tools you can use to tweak different parts of the experience machine, and that’s what you’ll find here. Each part of the ...

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