Part V. Interfaces

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As an experience machine, your organization produces experiences for both employees and customers (Figure V-1). To have these experiences, employees and customers engage with interfaces. The interface enables, facilitates, and drives these experiences.

Figure V-1

Your organization is a user experience factory. Ideas go in, everybody does their part, and interfaces comes out that create experiences for employees and customers

Because they drive the experience, projects require a lot of time and work to be spent on the interface. Whether you want to design a wireframe, get the frontend CSS to work, or look at analytics to see how users behave, teams focus on interfaces. Screens are a concrete thing everyone can point to.

This part explores the parts of an interface, the different types of interfaces, and how to control interface fidelity, so you can Think-Make-Check interfaces with your teams and clients.

To help your organization create better experiences, change how your teammates think about and make interfaces. You work better together to create better user experiences. Ideas go in, everyone does their part, and better interfaces comes out.

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