Confessions of an Entrepreneur

Book description

No-one ever tells you what it really feels like to be an entrepreneur. What you actually have to go through when you chase ambitions and fortunes.

However, in his new book, Confessions of an Entrepreneur, Chris Robson does.

It’s not a book about business plans and choosing the right business ideas. Those books already exist. This doesn’t.

This is a book about the emotional issues that other business books ignore – the sacrifices you make, the struggle to choose and work with the right partner(s), the strain of uncertainty and potential failure, the dizzying and addictive highs of success, the challenge of building and motivating a team – everything that you will experience when you start a new business. It’s about the journey every single entrepreneur has to take – and it’s this journey, not just the destination, that you have to learn to love if you’re going to be a great entrepreneur.

And you don’t just hear from the author alone, you are invited to read the raw, honest stories from some of the most talented entrepreneurs on this planet, including Bill Gross of Idealab, Roland Rudd of Finsbury Communications, Jo Fairley of Green & Black’s, Nick Wheeler of Charles Twyritt, William Reeve of LoveFilm and many others. For the first time, they’ll tell you what they really had to go through to follow their dreams right through to the end – bitter, sweet or both!

Praise for the book

“Hard hitting, no holds barred, crash course into the world of the entrepreneur.”
Lord Bilimoria CBE, DL – Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer 

“More like an outright thriller than a business book. It brings to life the raw excitement and sheer terror of being an entrepreneur.”
Guy Browning, Writer, Broadcaster, Creativity Guru

“Chris manages to map the DNA of successful entrepreneurs in an entertaining and hugely readable way. A must read for anyone who wants a window into  the mind of the entrepreneur.”
Roland Rudd, Founder of Finsbury, International Communications Group


Product information

  • Title: Confessions of an Entrepreneur
  • Author(s): Chris Robson
  • Release date: December 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Business
  • ISBN: 9780273794509