Use the following questions to test your knowledge on this chapter.  You can find the answers in Chapter 22Assessment Answers.

  1. What are three true statements regarding Office 365 Groups?
    1. Office 365 Groups can delegate administrative role group permissions.
    2. Office 365 Groups have an email address.
    3. Each Office 365 Group has a SharePoint Online team site associated with it.
    4. Office 365 Groups are available both on-premises and in-cloud.
    5. You can choose to Follow or Stop Following an Office 365 Group in your inbox.
  2. You need a place to upload files in a new SharePoint site. Which feature will you use?
    1. Files web part
    2. Document library web part
    3. Page
    4. Site collection
  3. You can configure an expiration policy for Office 365 Groups.

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