Use the following questions to test your knowledge on this chapter. You can find the answers in Chapter 22, Assessment Answers.

  1. You need to administer SharePoint Online using PowerShell. What do you need to do?
    1. Download and install the SharePoint Online PowerShell Module.
    2.  Run the Connect-SPOnline cmdlet from your on-premises SharePoint Server.
    3. Run the SharePoint Online Hybrid Picker.
    4. Activate the site collection features.
  2. You need to administer your SharePoint Online tenant with PowerShell. What command should you run to connect?
    1. Connect-SPOService
    2. Connect-SPService
    3. Connect-SharePointOnline
    4. Connect-SPOnline
  3. The two types of navigation for a SharePoint classic site are ________ and ________.
    1. Hub and global
    2. Site and managed ...

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