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Clarify, Then Refine, by Daniel Tunkelang PAGE 182

Our language is limited and imperfect. Typical search queries executed quickly and with little forethought are even more so. When a customer constructs a query that can have more than one meaning, a quality search interface must provide the tools to help the customer define the query in less ambiguous terms, so the search results more closely match the person's intended topic. This process is known as disambiguation, and best practices for doing this effectively are the subject of this chapter.


Recently, I came across—a new search engine promising a combined search and browse approach. I was curious, so I put this new search app through its paces by typing a query Canon. As shown in Figure 11.1, Kosmix returned a great variety of search results. In addition to images of cameras, the new search engine displayed results for the company profile typed in for investment purposes, Pachelbel's “Canon” (which is a famous piece of music) and (to my great surprise) a Canon mattress pad and a Canon ottoman, both of which were prominently featured in the products section. Unfortunately, these results represented ...

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