Part V

Paying Super Benefits from Your Fund

warning.png Five Questions to Ask Before Retiring

check.png At what age should I retire? Before retiring you need to consider your health, your finances — including access to super — and the tax implications of any decisions, and your lifestyle plans for your retirement.

check.png How much money is enough? The amount of money you need for retirement will depend on the age you retire, how long you expect to live, how you invest your retirement savings and whether you’re eligible for a full or part Age Pension.

check.png How long can I expect to live? The earlier you retire, the longer you can expect your retirement phase to be. A person’s average life expectancy at the age they choose to retire is a reasonable benchmark for retirement planning, but allow for the possibility that you may live longer than average, or even die earlier than expected.

check.png When can I access my super benefits? If your retirement plans are heavily dependent on accessing your super benefits, then retiring before ...

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