Chapter 9

Bernoulli Likelihood with Hierarchical Prior


9.1 A Single Coin from a Single Mint

9.1.1 Posterior via Grid Approximation

9.2 Multiple Coins from a Single Mint

9.2.1 Posterior via Grid Approximation

9.2.2 Posterior via Monte Carlo Sampling

9.2.3 Outliers and Shrinkage of Individual Estimates

9.2.4 Case Study: Therapeutic Touch

9.2.5 Number of Coins and Flips per Coin

9.3 Multiple Coins from Multiple Mints

9.3.1 Independent Mints

9.3.2 Dependent Mints

9.3.3 Individual Differences and Meta-Analysis

9.4 Summary

9.5 R Code

9.5.1 Code for Analysis of Therapeutic-Touch Experiment

9.5.2 Code for Analysis of Filtration-Condensation Experiment

9.6 Exercises

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