Chapter 15

Metric Predicted Variable on a Single Group


15.1 Estimating the Mean and Precision of a Normal Likelihood

15.1.1 Solution by Mathematical Analysis

15.1.2 Approximation by MCMC in BUGS

15.1.3 Outliers and Robust Estimation: The t Distribution

15.1.4 When the Data Are Non-normal: Transformations

15.2 Repeated Measures and Individual Differences

15.2.1 Hierarchical Model

15.2.2 Implementation in BUGS

15.3 Summary

15.4 R Code

15.4.1 Estimating the Mean and Precision of a Normal Likelihood

15.4.2 Repeated Measures: Normal Across and Normal Within

15.5 Exercises

It’s normal to want to fit in with your friends,

Behave by their means and believe all their ends.

But I’ll be high tailing it, fast and askew,

Precisely ’cause I can’t abide ...

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