Chapter 12

Bayesian Approaches to Testing a Point (“Null”)Hypothesis


12.1 The Estimation (Single Prior) Approach

12.1.1 Is a Null Value of a Parameter among the Credible Values?

12.1.2 Is a Null Value of a Difference among the Credible Values?

12.1.3 Region of Practical Equivalence (ROPE)

12.2 The Model-Comparison (Two-Prior) Approach

12.2.1 Are the Biases of Two Coins Equal?

12.2.2 Are Different Groups Equal?

12.3 Estimation or Model Comparison?

12.3.1 What Is the Probability That the Null Value Is True?

12.3.2 Recommendations

12.4 R Code

12.4.1 R Code for Figure 12.5

12.5 Exercises

Tell me what character does he possess?

Is he a scoundrel who couldn’t care less?

Is he immaculate, squeaky, and clean? I’d

Estimate that he’s somewhere in ...

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