Doing Business in China For Dummies®

Book description

Navigate China's business culture and etiquette

The fun and easy way to grow your business in China

This authoritative, friendly guide covers all the basics, from the nuts and bolts of Chinese business and bureaucracy to negotiating with your Chinese partners. You'll also get the know-how you need to manage day to day, from travel tips and advice on converting money to getting past language barriers.

Discover how to:
* Understand Chinese markets
* Develop a strong business plan
* Find the right employees
* Work with currency controls and the Chinese banking system
* Sell and source in China

Explanations in plain English
* "Get in, get out" information
* Icons and other navigational aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* Top ten lists
* A dash of humor and fun

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Authors’ Acknowledgments
  4. Publisher’s Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. What You’re Not to Read
    4. Foolish Assumptions
    5. How This Book Is Organized
    6. Icons Used in This Book
    7. Where to Go from Here
  6. Building Your Foundation
    1. So You Want to Do Business in China
      1. Understanding China’s Appeal
      2. Considering Ways to Get In on the Action
      3. Deciding Whether China Is a Good Fit for Your Business
      4. Tracing the Path to Success
      5. Taking the First Steps: What You Can Do Today
    2. Brushing Up on China Business Basics
      1. Considering Why and How You Want to Do Business in China
      2. The Experts’ Choices: Some Long-Term Growth Industries in China
      3. Understanding China’s Business Environment
      4. Buckle Your Seatbelt: Preparing for Common Challenges
    3. Getting Acquainted with the Powers That Be: China’s History and Leadership
      1. Understanding the Big, Historical Picture
      2. Party On: Understanding Who Controls the Country
      3. Figuring Out the Chinese Business Scene
      4. China and the World Trade Organization
    4. Planning for Success in China
      1. Setting the Stage
      2. Deciding What You Want (and Need)
      3. Doing Your Homework
      4. Hiring Consultants, Lawyers, and Accountants
      5. Being Aware of Common Planning Mistakes
      6. Putting Some Eggs in Another Basket
  7. Starting Up in China
    1. Traveling to and around China
      1. Getting the Necessary Documents and Vaccines
      2. Making Flight and Hotel Arrangements
      3. Navigating the Airport after You Land
      4. Around and About: Traveling within China
      5. Getting through the Basics of Daily Life
      6. Staying Out of Trouble
    2. Getting Business Going through Successful Negotiation
      1. Preparing for the Process
      2. Practicing the Chinese Art of Negotiating
      3. Earning Approvals in China: Understanding the Bureaucracy
      4. Negotiating after the Deal
      5. At Long Last: Telling the Public and Celebrating the Deal
    3. Setting Up Shop
      1. Choosing the Right Business Structure
      2. Considering Location Variations
      3. Touring the Mainland Regions
      4. Weighing Hong Kong’s Offerings
      5. Classifying Your Company and Reckoning with Restrictions
      6. Establishing Your Business
    4. Understanding Government Relations with Your Business
      1. Knowing Why You Want to Connect with the Chinese Government
      2. Mapping the Bureaucracy to Plan Your Network
      3. Contact: Working Your Network
      4. Aligning Your Government Relationships
      5. Getting Government Approvals
    5. Building a Local Team in China
      1. Looking at Employees and the Law
      2. Avoiding a Shocking Corporate Culture
      3. Finding (and Keeping) Good People
      4. Managing Your Employees
    6. Getting Your Mind on Money
      1. Introducing China’s Currency: The Tricky RMB
      2. Choosing a Bank for Your Business
      3. Opening All the Necessary Accounts
      4. Getting Your Money Out of China
      5. Financing Your Business
      6. Paying the Government without Taxing Your Patience
  8. Conducting Daily Business
    1. Understanding How China Works (and Doesn’t Work)
      1. Getting Things Done the Chinese Way
      2. Making Face-to-Face Business Meetings Work for You
      3. Communicating Effectively Outside the Meeting Room
    2. Sourcing from China
      1. Understanding Why You May Want It Made in China
      2. Working with Suppliers
      3. Following Tips for Supply Agreements
      4. Avoiding Pitfalls When Working with Suppliers
      5. Placing Orders
      6. Shipping Your Products by Using Freight Forwarders
    3. Manufacturing in China
      1. Being Realistic about Savings
      2. Considering Industry Development
      3. Looking at Manufacturing Challenges for the Chinese Market
      4. Selecting Your Site
      5. Building Your Building
      6. Approvals: Getting through the Red Tape
      7. Hiring, Training, and Keeping Your Workers
      8. Hiring Quality Control
    4. Selling in China
      1. Appealing to the Chinese Consumer
      2. Getting Ready to Deliver: It’s All about Distribution!
      3. Advertising
      4. Deciding How You Want to Enter the Market
      5. Selling to Consumers
      6. Selling Business-to-Business
  9. Building Successful Business Relationships
    1. Fostering Fruitful Friendships: The Art of Guan Xi
      1. You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours: Introducing Guan Xi
      2. Developing Your Own Guan Xi
      3. Looking at the Limitations of Guan Xi
    2. Saying and Doing the Right Things: Chinese Business Etiquette
      1. Minding Your Business Manners
      2. Enjoying a Chinese Banquet
      3. Tokens of Appreciation: Giving Gifts Correctly
    3. Managing Risks in China
      1. Doing Due Diligence
      2. Controlling Financial Risks
      3. Limiting Your Legal Risks
      4. Combating Corruption
      5. Resolving Disputes through Arbitration
      6. Protecting Intellectual Property
      7. Managing Environmental Risks
      8. Insuring Your Business Risks
  10. The Part of Tens
    1. Ten Clauses You Want in Your Contracts
      1. Governing Language
      2. Arbitration Clause and Governing Law
      3. Confidentiality/Non-Compete
      4. Force Majeure
      5. Indemnity
      6. Written Modification Only
      7. Sovereign Immunity Waiver
      8. Reps and Warranties
      9. Conditions Precedent
      10. Cross-Termination
    2. Ten Fun Ways to Spend Your Downtime in China
      1. Climb the Great Wall
      2. Wander through the Forbidden City
      3. Enjoy the Peacefulness of the Temple of Heaven
      4. Roam around the Summer Palace
      5. Take In the Ming Tombs
      6. Stroll the Bund in Shanghai
      7. Tour Suzhou, the Venice of the East
      8. Visit Historic Xi’an
      9. Appreciate the Enchanting Beauty of Guilin
      10. Cruise the Yangtze River
    3. Ten Ways to Stay on the Path to Profitability
      1. Respect China but Don’t Be Awed by It
      2. Develop Your Business Plan
      3. Decide between a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise and a Joint Venture
      4. Tailor Your Products for Local Markets
      5. Do Your Due Diligence
      6. Make Sure Your Company Is Properly Protected
      7. Instill Your Corporate Culture
      8. Take Charge of Quality and Financial Control
      9. Find Professional Help When You Need It Most
      10. Stay on the Government’s Good Side
  11. Doing Business in China For Dummies®
    1. Words and Phrases to Remember
    2. Making the Most of a Chinese Banquet
    3. Minding Your Manners at Meetings
    4. Foreign Exchange Bank Accounts
    5. Common Business Blunders
    6. Chinese Business Values

Product information

  • Title: Doing Business in China For Dummies®
  • Author(s): Robert Collins, Carson Block
  • Release date: August 2007
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470049297